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Greetings! It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Grants MainStreet Project (GMS) website. We hope that you will enjoy the GMS website to learn more about our non-profit program, how to become a volunteer and member, as well as being informed of our projects and events. GMS was established on March 17, 1997 to assist the City of Grants downtown in revitalization, beautification, historic preservation and asset-based economic development. Collaborating with our municipal and civic partners is very import to improving the quality of life in our community.

As a Main Street America™ Accredited program, Grants MainStreet Project, Inc. is a recognized leading program among the national network of more than 1,200 neighborhoods and communities who share both a commitment to creating high-quality places and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development. All Main Street America™ Accredited programs meet a set of National Accreditation Standards of Performance as outlined by the National Main Street Center.

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Grants MainStreet is the catalyst for revitalizing, beautifying and energizing downtown Grants through education, promotion and assistance. Established in 1997, Grants MainStreet is a charitable, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving Grants downtown area and, through that, the entire community of Grants. Our vision is to be a model MainStreet organization and an invaluable resource, through the unifiied efforts of our progressive leadership, to facilitate a stimulus for commerce.  

The Main Street

Four-Point Approach®


Organization - Establishes and maintains a nonprofit corporation that works in partnership with the public and private sector to plan and implement a comprehensive downtown revitalization strategy.

  • Aquire adequate funding for Grants MainStreet and Projects

  • Forming better partnerships to collaborate on projects

  • Increase stakeholder participation and organizational membership

  • A more transparent, visible and accountable organization with a premiere office space


Promotion - Positions the Main Street district as the center of the community and the hub of economic activity.

  • Increased tourism in general, and particularly arts tourism in the district

  • High quality promotional events attended by residents and tourists alike

  • Annual fundraising events

  • A unifying image/brand for downtown Grants


Design - Supports a community's transformation by enhancing the physical elements of downtown while capitalizing on the unique historic assets that set the commercial district apart.

  • Beautification of the downtown district

  • A physically appealing downtown area

  • Completion of Phase I for Legacy Trail

  • Amphitheater completed

  • Greater focus on historic preservation activities

  • Greater continuity with building facades in downtown area


Economic Vitality -  Leveraging historic assets, harnessing economic assets, and creating a supportive business environment

  • Increased number of downtown businesses and business-ready spaces in the district

  • An enhanced creative economy in the district with more art spaces, galleries, and studios

  • Development and dissemination of a business toolbox and business development packets

Four Point Approch
Volunteer Facade Squad
Volunteer Facade Squad

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Volunteer Facade Squad
Volunteer Facade Squad

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Volunteer Facade Squad
Volunteer Facade Squad

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Volunteer Facade Squad
Volunteer Facade Squad

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The Grants MainStreet program focuses on the vitality of Downtown Grants and the Route 66 Commercial Corridor. Downtown Grants is a pedestrian friendly, unified, thriving downtown. Fire and Ice Park is the heart of the Civic Center within Downtown; a location for events and gatherings for the community and region that is surrounded by a cluster of city, county, and cultural attractions. Riverwalk Park, within Downtown, continues to provide both active and passive recreational and entertainment activities and the Riverwalk has expanded out of Downtown, to connect to surrounding neighborhoods, and a larger regional trail system.


The retention, preservation and rehabilitation of historic sites within Downtown and along the Route 66 Commercial Corridor is coupled with appropriate new infill development that is sensitive to the character and scale of historic development patterns. Calmed traffic, a unified streetscape, aesthetic bike lanes, and resolved infrastructure issues on Santa Fe Avenue, 1st and 2nd streets, provides a basis for new private sector investment. New residents living in and adjacent to Downtown provide additional vibrancy to Downtown.


Collaboration and cross marketing with other agencies and regional attractions, including the surrounding Native American Nations and significant local, state, and national venues, touts Grants as the place to stay from which to then experience these numerous tourism-related activities. Downtown and Route 66 in Grants in 2030 portrays a success story in the regeneration of aging commercial corridors and fledgling downtowns. In 2030, Grants is the place to stay, play and experience all that northwestern New Mexico has to offer.



The Grants MainStreet Project, Inc. is a volunteer driven organization. Without our volunteers, who range in all ages, backgrounds, and expertise, the organization would not be where it is today with the impacts and improvements that have been accomplished in downtown Grants.


Volunteers in the program are open to a wide variety of activities and educational experiences. As a Grants MainStreet Project volunteer, you will enjoy meeting new people and working in a positive environment. No matter what your interest or areas of expertise, there is a place for you in Grants MainStreet Project. We would love you to join in the efforts of our program to improve our community whether you can spare a few hours occasionally or on a regular basis.


We are always in need of writers, photographers, graphic designers, event planners, database developers/managers, financial professionals, artists, landscapers, project managers, marketing professionals, and administrative help in the office.


You can volunteer to work on one of the ongoing program committees, work once or twice a year on one of our special events or projects, or take on some of the essential administrative tasks in our office. The volunteer opportunities are only limited by your time and interest.


Please contact the Grants MainStreet Project Office to volunteer or click the button above to join!^^^

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