Children's Christmas Window Painting

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Eighty-two creative, little minds marched the MainStreet district adding some Holiday Spirit on the windows of local businesses in November. The Milan, Mt.Taylor, Mesa View San Rafael, and Bluewater Elementary fourth grade class and MainStreet volunteers teamed up to paint a little bit of Christmas on thirty-five local merchandisers in the MainStreet business district.

The field trip was primarily a special math assignment to learn how to figure out the areas of squares and rectangles. The students were tasked to solve the areas of 35 MainStreet windows that they could then help decorate before the 23rd. Annual Holiday Light Parade.

Fourth grade teachers JoAnna Fitch, Amanda Valdez, and Angela Barela as well as two local artists, Felix Tom and Bobbi Littlebear, were instrumental in the success of the inspiring window displays. Both were extremely helpful by taking time to show the students techniques and ideas before the day of painting.

Landon Baker, owner and operator of Grants Auto and Truck Supplies (NAPA), was the first business to be approached and summed it up saying, "What a great idea . . . anything for our kids!" Additional businesses included Diamond G,

Cibola Citizen, Double 6 Gallery, Continental Divide Electric Cooperative, Grants- Cibola County Chamber of Commerce, and Grants MainStreet Project.

Donations collected from the event went to the Grants Rotary Club for the "Rotary Backpack Food for Kids" Program and to Grants MainStreet to go towards its Facade squad project.

To End the function, pizza and bread twists were served to all volunteers who participated, compliments of Domino's Pizza.

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