Shedding Light on Route 66

If ever there was a reason to take a detour, and maybe arrive to your destination 10 minutes later than expected, this would be the reason. We cut the ribbon to this sign on August 6th, 2016, and ever since we've had riders, drivers, road trippers, and adventure seekers from all over the continental United States.


To most people, this might just be a novelty attraction, but to us in Grants its a sign of hope. Like most things in the desert, its a struggle to survive, and we are not an exception to this rule. Though, with ideas and projects like this, we continue to hope that we'll become a hub for entertainment, adventure, and destination tips for all.


We hold multiple annual events, and for those of you looking for a weekend trip, take a chance and make Grants your destination. This Route 66 Neon Sign is only one of the many attractions that Grants has. Between trails, national parks, monuments, museums, galleries, authentic New Mexico food, and much more. You'll always have something to do. You can learn more about Grants and what there is to do at the Chamber of Commerce website


Stay tuned for more updates and posts!!!

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