Fun @ Project Mudd

July 28th was a day to remember! Mud Volleyball was hosted by Cibola General Hospital, Continental Divide Electric Cooperative, and Elks Lodge. They were able to raise $11,000 for a fund to help pay for women who need mammograms, but are unable to pay for them.

Personally, I had a blast. The water was cold, and the mud didn't get into too many places I didn't want it to. It was a great time, playing competitively with my colleagues, and just having a good time. There had to have been at least 1,000 people at the event at all times. There were multiple food trucks, and my favorite was Peace of Pie. The owner and operator, Ashley, whipped up a delicious calzone. She makes everything from scratch, and it shows in the flavor and craftsmanship. On a regular day, I've seen her parked by the Discount Liquor store off Route 66 by McDonald's. The Elks Lodge provided alcoholic beverages, and they had to have made a killing with they way people were getting drinks. If I would have known any better, I would have thought Grants was underwater with how people were drinking like fish!


Aside from my opinion, the whole event was a blast, and it supported a good cause. I hope that this continues, and it only gets bigger in the future.

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