New Beginnings on an Old Road

This section being my own little corner, I feel like you, as the reader, should know a little bit of my background before I begin this blog.


I was born and raised in a little town south of Fort Worth, Texas, called Crowley. If it wasn't so close to Fort Worth, I'd say that it is pretty much the Grants of Texas. Once I was old enough to fend for myself, I moved to San Marcos for college, and then about 2 years later, I decided to move to Grants, NM for new beginnings. I wanted a chance to start over, to get myself back to ground zero, and work my way back to self sufficiency. Now, a year later, I've found myself in this position to help make the Grants MainStreet district a thriving place.


In the year that I've lived in Grants, I've seen many things the area has to offer. Between the Sand Stone Bluffs, La Ventana Arch, Mt. Taylor, and Blue Water Lake, I've been able to witness the beauty this land holds. Those aren't the only things worth seeing, but they're the only ones I've seen so far. I'd like to take a trip down to the Ice Caves, so maybe you'll read about it in posts to come. I bring these natural attractions up, because while tall buildings and skyscrapers excite, these landmarks truly amaze. I understand why they call New Mexico "The Land of Enchantment", because there is so much natural beauty to behold.


If I close out with anything, its the wish that people could see what I see in New Mexico, Grants, and small towns in general. There's something wonderful about a community set in traditions, and that has a culture of its own. I love the uniqueness of Grants and its peoples. I feel like, too often, people move to big cities thinking they'll find everything they need. Though, too often, I've seen big cities take everything from a person and leave nothing behind. There's no one watching your back in a big city, and if there is, there are too many trying to stab you in the back. I love that in a small town you have people looking out for you. Everyone, more or less, is in the same struggle, and we help those who are willing to help themselves.


Stay tuned to actually see what I'm up to next week. Thanks for reading!

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