Annual 4th of July Parade

Grants has it's Independence Day Parade every year on ole Route 66. Though, this year it was slightly different than most. You can ask any one from this year, and they'll tell you that this years parade was bigger than the past couple of years. There were thousands of people lined up along Santa Fe Ave from beginning to finish. Afterwards everyone gathered at the Fire & Ice Park for the 4th of July Extravaganza for the afternoon celebration. Then once dusk came, everyone migrated to the local golf course to enjoy a wonderful fireworks display. It was a full day of American spirit, and to anyone who reads this, I highly recommend joining us next year. You can take the full day to enjoy the festivities and check out some of the cool shops we have in the mean time.

Also, we really appreciate the photographer who took all these photos. Her name is Tzila Duenzl. She was passing thru, but unfortunately had some car troubles. Though, little did she know that she would be experiencing a celebration of a life time. She ended up staying in our town for a couple of weeks, and if she didn't have more pressing matters to attend to, she would have became a permanent resident of Grants. We really appreciate her generosity with her photos, and if anyone happens to meet her on her travels I'm sure she wouldn't mind taking photos for you as well.

Here are some of the floats, participants and people that attended this years 4th of July Parade & Extravaganza!

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