An Array of Baskets

Route 66, Grants, NM

September 27th, 2018

Sacred Wind Communications is a telephone and internet connection company. They have been servicing Cibola County for a couple of decades now. Their service is great, and their need to give back to the community is greater. Starting back in June, Cibola Arts Council and Sacred Wind Communications partnered up to provide beautiful displays of art using retired satellite dishes. Six dishes can be seen in front of the Mining Museum, in front of City Hall Park, and in front of Fire & Ice Park.

This is only the start of this project. Executive director of the Double 6 Gallery, Robert Gallegos, explained that the project will continue into the village adjacent. Unfortunately, I was never able to find out the exact number of dishes that are being installed. Either way, these 6 we have now are gorgeous. They bring life into our community, and onto our part of Route 66.

(From left to right: Ancient Chacoan Basket, Original Painting by Lezle Williams, Original Painting by Gilbert Waconda, Jicarilla Apache Star Basket,

Original Painting by Sam Chavez, and Navajo Wedding Basket)

September 27th was special, because the artists who submitted these designs were out talking about the importance of the design they made. I spoke with Sam Chavez, who is a self made artist. He's been painting for 2 years, since he's retired. Sam's art is precious to him, and he loves making art for other people's enjoyment. He says if he sells a piece that it's a plus, but the real reward is the joy other people get from his work.


To learn more about this project, check out the Double 6 Gallery @

1001 W. Santa Fe Avenue, Grants, NM 87020

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