Follow Miner Mike as he prepares the Trails.

Grants/ Cibola County has a long history of “Booms and Busts”. From the railroad and cattle/sheep ranching era to the “Carrot Capitol” boom and several “Uranium Capitol” boom and busts. Through it all there has always been a sense of adventure and excitement that was never lost. There has long been stories of lost treasures from Indian Raids and Train Robberies. Even today many people still read the stories of Adam’s Diggings and search for the treasure.

Grants Main Street is proud to have “Miner Mike” as a symbol of all the miners and treasurer hunters of the past that have searched for the Elusive Treasures. Grants Main Streets’ new signature event “7 Trails of Gold Outdoor Festival” not only celebrates the wonders of the past but all of the adventures of the future that Grants/Cibola County contains.

Please follow “Miner Mike” as he tours the area setting up the newest type of treasure hunting, Geocaching.